Instagram Stories Types That You Need to Know

Boomerang is the first thing that comes to mind whenever we are about to create Instagram Stories. Creating and sharing the same kind of content might be boring for you as well as your followers. Then, why not give it a try on other types of Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is an incredible way to convey a crucial message in a matter of seconds. Whether for entertainment or educational purposes, Stories pave the way for unleashing creativity and attracting audiences visually. The great thing about Stories is that there are plenty of resources, like stickers, filters, special effects, etc., to design visual content within the application. Moreover, creators can buy instagram story views to increase content visibility and reap the rewards to the fullest.

So, are you ready to learn the different types of Stories available on Instagram? That’s great! Keep reading this article.

Types of Instagram Stories

Not just one or two. There are a plethora of options for creating Instagram Stories in different formats. The typical Instagram Stories types are discussed below.

1. Regular or Normal Stories

When you click on the ‘+’ icon to create Stories, the first setting that comes in front of you is the normal mode. You can use this type to capture regular images and simple videos or upload content from your device.

2. Type or Text Based Stories

When you click on Type mode, a colorful background will appear with specific tools that enable you to post text-based content on your Instagram Stories. You can change the font style, font color, and text background as you wish. When you tap on the bottom-left corner, the background color changes so that you can keep the one that you need. It is more or less similar to creating Whatsapp Status.

3. Music-Based Stories

Posting a plain image or video might not be attractive. So, accompany your visuals with jazzing music to capture the audience’s attention. The best part is that you don’t want to rely on online tools to download your music.

Simply search for the required music on Instagram Music Library and add it to your visual or shoot your video at your convenience. In addition, you can add music stickers to combine your content with a popular song. Furthermore, take advantage of BuyRealGramViews to make your story reach more people and gain popularity.

4. Boomerang Stories

Boomerang is a widely used Stories type on Instagram. Yes, because it is fun and exciting to create. Boomerang is nothing but capturing a particular moment that comes in a loop for a few seconds.

You can access more effects when you click on the Boomerang icon (infinity-like symbol). Choose the one that interests you and make a small movement to find the difference. For example, wink your eyes, move your lips, step back from your place, or do anything you want. Since there are more Boomerang types, you can create more stories with this type for sure.

5. Rewind Your Visuals

You might have seen some rewind scenes in movies. Do you want to make a video that plays in reverse? The Rewind option on Instagram Stories is the right choice for you. Instead of shooting regular videos, use this type to film body movements like dancing.

6. Hands-Free Stories

No matter what kind of content you shoot, you are supposed to get hold of the device to start or stop recording. But this special Stories mode lets you shoot a video without touching your smartphone. It will be more beneficial for the ones who record product demonstrations or makeup tutorials.

7. Focus Stories

Focus is one of the fantastic ways to curate Instagram Stories. This mode lets you focus well on a particular thing and blur the background. It is a good option for clicking professional photographs for brands and businesses. After sharing this content in your Stories section, buy instagram impressions to show it to more users and gain more reach effortlessly.

Wrapping Up

And here you go! These are the different types of Stories that are available on Instagram. Still, there are many stories modes out there on the app. Don’t hesitate! Experiment with all the Story types to curate stunning Stories that keep your audiences engaged and entertained. Good luck 🙂