5 Beneficial Ways to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business

Instagram never fails to keep audiences interactive and engaged. In addition, the app often rolls out fantastic features to deliver interesting content and enhance user experience.

‘Stories’ is one such feature that enables users to create and share ephemeral content that lasts only for 24 hours. It is a sought-after feature among content creators and brands as it lets them reach a wider audience and garner more engagement than others. Moreover, budding users buy instagram story views to maximize content visibility and make the most out of it organically.

But Instagram users worried they couldn’t save their content for long. With a clear understanding of this, Instagram introduced the ‘Highlights’ section to categorize crucial Stories and content and save them forever. So, are you wondering what to include in your Highlights? You’re not alone! In this article, you will get a set of ideas to add posts in Highlights and reap the rewards to the fullest. So let’s get started now!

1. Showcase the Products/Services You Offer

A new follower or your profile visitor might find it challenging to find what products or services you offer. There is no assurance that they would go through all the posts you’ve shared on your profile. So, whenever you share a story to list the products or services, add them to your Highlights section. It will be convenient for your potential audiences to see the different aspects of your business and choose the best ones they need.

2. Share the Milestones Achieved

As a business owner, you might have achieved certain milestones or achievements in your journey. Feel free to share them with your audiences, as they can portray how authentic you are. Even if you don’t have any milestones in your business, show how your Instagram profile has been growing from the core. This will motivate your new audiences and existing ones to accomplish more goals. You shall take advantage of EarnViews to boost your Instagram Stories performance and attain your goals effortlessly.

3. Showcase Your Expertise

No matter what niche you belong to, you might be an expert, intermediate, or beginner with some sort of skills. So don’t dump them within yourself. Instead, keep away your shyness and share it with the public to benefit someone who really needs it.

Analyze what kind of educational content your target audience expects from the content creators. Gather information and curate Stories in such a way that it interests your audience. At last, add it to your highlights. Some of the significant ideas are sharing tips, tricks, hacks, and myths that are related to your business.

4. Create a Series of Stories

Creating a single or set of Stories is good. However, it is highly recommended to create a Story series. This is because people who are interested in certain series will stay connected with your profile to consume more similar content. For instance, shoot and share mini-tutorials or story series that give value to your followers.

5. Answering FAQs

Every business has a set of FAQs that their customers or clients need to be aware of. Answering these questions in your stories disappears after 24 hours. So your new audiences may ask the same questions to you again. To save your time and effort, share your answers for FAQs on your stories and add them to your Highlights section. Additionally, buy instagram impressions to increase content visibility and make your profile fall into many eyes.

The Bottom Line

And there you have it! These are simple yet effective ideas to craft your Instagram Highlights, especially for your business profile. Don’t stick with the same ideas. There are plenty of resources out there on Instagram to create innovative Instagram Stories. Don’t hesitate! Experiment with different stuff and bring out stunning Stories to showcase your brand value via Highlights. Good luck 🙂

Be Innovative to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd 🙂